Tuesday July 31st

Tuesday July 31st

8.00 Poster placement, Atlantic Veterinary College
9.00 – 9.30 Opening Ceremony, Duffy Amphitheatre
9.30-11.00 Wood-Gush Memorial Lecture

Duffy Amphitheatre, Duffy Science Centre

The other-minds problem in other species. Stevan Harnad

11.00 – 11.45 Break and posters, Atlantic Veterinary College
Session 1 Session 2
Cognition and emotions Equine behaviour and welfare
Duffy Amphitheatre Alex H. MacKinnon Auditorium, Don and Marion McDougall Hall
11.45 Cognitive evaluation of predictability and controllability and implications for animal welfare. Caroline Lee An acoustic indicator of positive emotions in horses? Mathilde Stomp
12.15 Understanding the bidirectional relationship of emotional and cognitive systems to measure affective state in the animal. Sebastian McBride Sleep vs. no sleep; equine nocturnal behavior and its implications for equine welfare.

Linda Greening

12.30 Evaluation of sheep anticipatory behaviour and lateralisation by means of fNIRS technique. Matteo Chincarini Shelter-seeking behaviour in domestic donkeys and horses in a temperate climate. Britta Osthaus
12.45 Assessing differential attention to simultaneous negative and positive video stimuli in sheep: moving toward attention bias. Camille Raoult Social referencing in the domestic horse. Christian Nawroth
Session 2: Posters
13.00 – 14.30 Lunch, Wanda Wyatt Dining Hall
14.30 – 15.15 Session 3

Putting ethology into practice, Duffy Amphitheatre

Crossing the divide between academic research and practical application of ethology on commercial livestock and poultry farms. Temple Grandin

Session 3 Session 4
Putting ethology into practice Laboratory animal: behaviour and welfare
Duffy Amphitheatre Alex H. MacKinnon Auditorium
15.15 Integrating ethology into actual practice on Canadian farms. Jacqueline Wepruk Female mice can distinguish between conspecifics raised with enrichment and those raised in standard ‘shoebox’ cages. Aimée Marie Adcock
15.30 Balancing outcome-based measures and resource-based measures in broiler welfare policies: the NGO perspective. Monica List Enriched mice are nice: long-term effects of environmental enrichment on agonism in female C57BL/6s, DBA/2s, and BALB/cs. Emma Nip
15.45 – 16.30 Break and posters, Atlantic Veterinary College
16.30 A global perspective on environmental enrichment for pigs: how far have we come? Heleen Van De Weerd Early pup mortality in laboratory mouse breeding: presence of older pups critically affects perinatal survival. Sophie Brajon
16.45 Establishing science-based standards for the care and welfare of dogs in US commercial breeding facilities. Candace Croney The best things come in threes: Assessing recommendations to minimize male mouse aggression. Brianna Gaskill
17.00 A rotation designed to teach final-year veterinary students about dairy cattle welfare. Todd Duffield Behavioural evidence of curiosity in Zebrafish. Becca Franks
Session 3: Posters Session 4: Posters
17.15 – 19.00 Wine & Cheese Poster session, Atlantic Veterinary College
19.00 – 21.00 Animal Welfare Judging Contest

Alex H. MacKinnon Auditorium and Schurman Market Square,

Don and Marion McDougall Hall