Equine behaviour and welfare
Irish Traveller horse owners’ recognise the importance of natural behaviour to the welfare of horses. Marie Rowland
What a horse needs: Examining Canadian equine industry participants’ perceptions of welfare. Katrina Merkies
Equine heart rate variability measures: Are they stable from day to day and during different activities? Laurie Mcduffee
Putting ethology into practice
Perspectives of academic and industry alliance in education and research toward poultry health and welfare. Jean-Marc Larivière
Impact of behavior assessment on animal maltreatment identification in a zoo prosecution case. Carla Forte Maiolino Molento
Laboratory animal: behaviour and welfare
Routine water changes in enriched environments temporarily increase stress and alter social behavior in zebrafish. Christine Powell
Individual variability in motivation to access a food reward. Anna Ratuski
Assessing stress in rabbits during handling: using infrared thermography to measure peripheral temperature fluctuations. Mariana Almeida
Cattle behaviour and welfare
The number and outcome of competitive encounters at the feed bunk have an impact on feeding behaviour and growth performance. Diego Moya
Day-to-day variation in grazing behavior in relation to average daily gain in rangeland beef cattle. Andrés Cibils
Can trees replace the need for wallowing in river buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) in the tropics? Maykel Galloso Hernández
Evaluation of exercise programs as a management strategy to enhance beef cattle welfare on entry to a feedlot. Courtney Daigle
Effect of acclimation and low-stress handling on beef cattle activity. Rebecca Parsons
Effects of running water on drinking behaviour by Bos taurus cattle being rested during long-distance transportation. Derek Haley
Evaluation of the effect of a recombinant vaccine for immunocastration in bulls on behavior and animal welfare. Paula Huenchullán
An investigation of behaviours displayed by pre-weaned dairy calves in different group sizes on commercial Irish dairy farms. John Barry
The effects of housing dams and calves together on behaviour, growth, and production. Peter Krawczel
Consistency of personality traits from calf to adulthood in dairy cattle. Heather Neave
Evaluation of single versus paired calf housing on the standing behavior of Holstein dairy calves. Clay Kesterson
Cross-sectional study of housing and risk factors for leg dirtiness of smallholder dairy calves in Kenya. Shawn Mckenna
Individual maternity pens offer protection from disturbances by alien cows. Margit Bak Jensen
The effect of long-term exposure to concrete or rubber flooring on lying behavior in cattle. Emma Bratton
Stepping behavior and muscle activity of dairy cattle standing on concrete or rubber flooring for 1 or 3 hours. Cassandra Tucker
Cross-sectional study of cow comfort and risk factors of lying time and cleanliness of smallholder dairy cows in Kenya. John Vanleeuwen
Factors affecting lying behavior of grazing dairy cows in an organic system. Victoria Coulture
Challenges of assessing welfare in pasture-based dairy production systems. Robin Crossley
Interests and values of dairy producers and consumers on animal welfare in Southern Brazil. Andreia De Paula Vieira
Development of a rising and lying-down ability index in dairy cattle and its relationship with other welfare outcome measures. Elsa Vasseur
Automatic measurement of rumination, feeding, and resting behavior in group-housed dairy cattle: validation of a novel collar. Lori Grinter
Use of tail movement to predict calving time in dairy cattle: validation of a calving detection technology in dairy cattle. Joao Costa
Innovative cooling strategies for dairy cows. Alycia Drwencke
Measuring the effects of short-term overstocking, heat stress, or combination on welfare of lactating dairy cows. Amanda Lee
Loosening the ties we put on dairy cows. Véronique Boyer
Affiliative and agonistic interactions in dairy cows: a social network approach. Inès De Freslon
Do bells affect acoustic perception of cows? Edna Hillmann
Space availability and avoidance distance in cows in shelters (gaushalas) in India. Arvind Sharma
Companion animal behaviour and welfare
Early evaluation of suitability of guide dogs –behavioral assessment by puppy test. Xun Zhang
Can children of different ages recognize dog communication signals in different situations? Helena Chaloupkova
Simplification of electrocardiogram waveform measurement in pet dogs. Megumi Fukuzawa
Veterinary aspects of ethology and welfare
Plasma cortisol concentration, immune status and health in newborn Girolando calves. Paula Valente
Behavioural and physiological responses as early indicators of disease in New Zealand dairy calves. Gemma Lowe
Postpartum social behaviour – differences between sick and healthy Holstein cows. Borbala Foris
Cow behaviour and productivity prior to health disorder diagnoses in dairy cows in robotic milking herds. Meagan King
Feeding preferences for tannin-rich forage in Holstein cattle artificially infected with gastrointestinal nematodes. Renée Bergeron
A qualitative study investigating opinions of pig producers; antimicrobial resistance, husbandry practices and antibiotic use. Kate Ellen
Broiler and turkey: behaviour and welfare
Learning ability in broilers: does environmental enrichment help? Fernanda Tahamtani
Prevalence and severity of footpad dermatitis in broiler chickens raised under different litter management in humid tropics. Olufemi Alabi
Influence of purslane extract and probiotic on gait score, hock lesions, and energy and protein utilization of broilers. Ahmad Tatar
Behavioral and welfare implications of antibiotic and probiotic supplementation. Rachel Dennis
Brazilian catchers’ perceptions about manual catching of broilers and its implications on animal welfare and carcass quality. Victor De Lima
Transporting turkey males to the slaughterhouse – does the bird size matter? Eija Kaukonen
Laying hen behaviour and welfare
The use of pecking pans to reduce injurious pecking and enhance welfare in young pullets. Paula Baker
Animal care by Canadian farmers in relation to feather cover damage in laying hens. Nienke Van Staaveren
Development of furnished cages from conventional cages: which do hens like a nest mat or a litter mat for the nest area? Atsuko Kikuchi
Development of furnished cages from conventional cages for laying hens: square cage design and comparison of nest mats. Toshio Tanaka
The reliability of palpation, x-ray, and ultrasound techniques for the detection of keel bone damage. Richard Blatchford
Focal hen behaviour in a free-range commercial setting, does the presence of a keel fracture affect standing, walking? Francesca Booth
Laying hens that differ in range use behave similarly outside, but differently inside. Stephanie Buijs
The effects of body weight on the diurnal range use and latency to use the range in free range laying hens. Terence Sibanda
Feeding Black Soldier Fly larvae to laying hens: effect on pecking and foraging behaviour. Marko Ruis
The probiotic Bacillus subtilis does not improve laying hen performance in a modified puzzle box cognition test. Jacquelyn Jacobs
Lameness changes cows feeding behavior. Emma Ternman
Prevalence of lameness based on scoring system assessing weight bearing and foot positioning of tie-stall housed dairy cattle. Javier Sanchez
Rotarod – a new method for assessing the gait of broilers? Julia Malchow
Epidemiological study of musculoskeletal injuries in Standardbred Racehorses on PEI. Jamye Rouette
Efficacy of topical lidocaine on nursing behavior in castrated piglets. Mary Burkemper
Applied ethology and wildlife management
Verification of the effectiveness of environmental enrichment and the influence of visitors on captive tigers. Momoko Oka
Can surface eye temperature be used to indicate a stress response in seals (Phoca vitulina)? Amelia Macrae
Swine behaviour and welfare
Effect of temporary confinement during lactation on the nursing and suckling behaviour of domestic pigs. Gudrun Illmann,
Effect of design of outdoor farrowing hut on environment inside the hut, and sows and piglets performance and welfare. Nicolas Devillers
Supplementation of female piglets from 1 to 28 days of age with a synbiotic: what consequences on cognitive abilities? Severine Parois
Effects of early-socialization and neonatal enriched environment on aggression, performance and weaning ability of piglets. Heng-Lun Ko
Piglet access to chewable materials has a positive effect on sow health and behaviour. Kirsi-Marja Swan
PigWatch – Combining the eye of the stockman and precision farming techniques to improve pig welfare. Manuela Zebunke
Is increased aggressive behavior in finisher pigs post-mixing a reliable predictor of lower long-term pen stability? Anna Bosgraaf
How does agonistic behaviour of fattening boars and barrows affect the individual with respect to skin lesions? Jeannette Lange
Comparison of different enrichment materials to fulfil pig’s behavioural needs and farmer’s management system. Emma Fàbrega
Social preferences among Přeštice black-pied pigs. Sébastien Goumon
Use of a commercially available tri-axial accelerometer for cows to monitor sow behavior prior to farrowing. Thomas Parsons
Effects of social status on sow behaviour, enrichment use, and cortisol concentrations in group housed gestating sows. Fiona Rioja-Lang
Effects of enrichment type (object and fibre) and number on group housed sows with dominant and subordinate social status. Cyril Roy
A preliminary examination of sham chewing across first and second gestation in group-housed sows. Maxine Rice
Nutritional value of pasture and dry-forage, and foraging behaviour in outdoor gestating sows. Lydiane Aubé
Testing the feasibility of using a conveyor belt to load weanling and nursery pigs for transportation. Donald Lay
Sheep and goat: behaviour and welfare
Changes in lying time after hoof trimming in dairy goats. Laura Deeming
Behaviour of dairy goats managed in a natural alpine environment. Gosia Zobel
Using qualitative behaviour assessment and flight distance to examine the farmer-ewe relationship in extensive systems. Carolina Munoz,
Comparison of EEG and behavioural changes for on-farm euthanasia of turkeys. Elein Hernandez
Veterinary procedures
Effect of background noise on cat responses to a routine physical exam in a veterinary setting. Lee Niel