Posters: Swine behaviour and welfare (b)

6 Use of a commercially available tri-axial accelerometer for cows to monitor sow behavior prior to farrowing. Thomas Parsons
7 Effects of social status on sow behaviour, enrichment use, and cortisol concentrations in group housed gestating sows. Fiona Rioja-Lang
8 Effects of enrichment type (object and fibre) and number on group housed sows with dominant and subordinate social status. Cyril Roy
9 A preliminary examination of sham chewing across first and second gestation in group-housed sows. Maxine Rice
10 Nutritional value of pasture and dry-forage, and foraging behaviour in outdoor gestating sows. Lydiane Aubé
11 Testing the feasibility of using a conveyor belt to load weanling and nursery pigs for transportation. Donald Lay