Posters: Swine behaviour and welfare (a)

6 Effect of temporary confinement during lactation on the nursing and suckling behaviour of domestic pigs. Gudrun Illmann,
7 Effect of design of outdoor farrowing hut on environment inside the hut, and sows and piglets performance and welfare. Nicolas Devillers
8 Supplementation of female piglets from 1 to 28 days of age with a synbiotic: what consequences on cognitive abilities? Severine Parois
9 Effects of early-socialization and neonatal enriched environment on aggression, performance and weaning ability of piglets. Heng-Lun Ko
10 Piglet access to chewable materials has a positive effect on sow health and behaviour. Kirsi-Marja Swan
11 PigWatch – Combining the eye of the stockman and precision farming techniques to improve pig welfare. Manuela Zebunke
12 Is increased aggressive behavior in finisher pigs post-mixing a reliable predictor of lower long-term pen stability? Anna Bosgraaf
13 How does agonistic behaviour of fattening boars and barrows affect the individual with respect to skin lesions? Jeannette Lange
14 Comparison of different enrichment materials to fulfil pig’s behavioural needs and farmer’s management system. Emma Fàbrega
15 Social preferences among Přeštice black-pied pigs. Sébastien Goumon