Posters: Cattle behaviour and welfare

13 The number and outcome of competitive encounters at the feed bunk have an impact on feeding behaviour and growth performance. Diego Moya
14 Day-to-day variation in grazing behavior in relation to average daily gain in rangeland beef cattle. Andrés Cibils
15 Can trees replace the need for wallowing in river buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) in the tropics? Maykel Galloso Hernández
16 Evaluation of exercise programs as a management strategy to enhance beef cattle welfare on entry to a feedlot. Courtney Daigle
17 Effect of acclimation and low-stress handling on beef cattle activity. Rebecca Parsons
18 Effects of running water on drinking behaviour by Bos taurus cattle being rested during long-distance transportation. Derek Haley
19 Evaluation of the effect of a recombinant vaccine for immunocastration in bulls on behavior and animal welfare. Paula Huenchullán
20 An investigation of behaviours displayed by pre-weaned dairy calves in different group sizes on commercial Irish dairy farms. John Barry
21 The effects of housing dams and calves together on behaviour, growth, and production. Peter Krawczel
22 Consistency of personality traits from calf to adulthood in dairy cattle. Heather Neave
23 Evaluation of single versus paired calf housing on the standing behavior of Holstein dairy calves. Clay Kesterson
24 Cross-sectional study of housing and risk factors for leg dirtiness of smallholder dairy calves in Kenya. Shawn Mckenna
25 Individual maternity pens offer protection from disturbances by alien cows. Margit Bak Jensen
26 The effect of long-term exposure to concrete or rubber flooring on lying behavior in cattle. Emma Bratton
27 Stepping behavior and muscle activity of dairy cattle standing on concrete or rubber flooring for 1 or 3 hours. Cassandra Tucker
28 Cross-sectional study of cow comfort and risk factors of lying time and cleanliness of smallholder dairy cows in Kenya. John Vanleeuwen
29 Factors affecting lying behavior of grazing dairy cows in an organic system. Victoria Coulture
30 Challenges of assessing welfare in pasture-based dairy production systems. Robin Crossley
31 Interests and values of dairy producers and consumers on animal welfare in Southern Brazil. Andreia De Paula Vieira
32 Development of a rising and lying-down ability index in dairy cattle and its relationship with other welfare outcome measures. Elsa Vasseur
33 Automatic measurement of rumination, feeding, and resting behavior in group-housed dairy cattle: validation of a novel collar. Lori Grinter
34 Use of tail movement to predict calving time in dairy cattle: validation of a calving detection technology in dairy cattle. Joao Costa
35 Innovative cooling strategies for dairy cows. Alycia Drwencke
36 Measuring the effects of short-term overstocking, heat stress, or combination on welfare of lactating dairy cows. Amanda Lee
37 Loosening the ties we put on dairy cows. Véronique Boyer
38 Affiliative and agonistic interactions in dairy cows: a social network approach. Inès De Freslon
39 Do bells affect acoustic perception of cows? Edna Hillmann
40 Space availability and avoidance distance in cows in shelters (gaushalas) in India. Arvind Sharma