Guidelines for poster presentations

Guidance for Presenters of Posters

 Preparing your poster

The main aim of a poster is to clearly and briefly convey the main points to your audience: try to make it attractive for your audience, to encourage them to read the poster, and use visual images rather than lots of words.

The poster boards will be 121.9 cm high and 243.8 cm wide (4 feet x 8 feet) and each side will be used for two posters. The usable fabric area on each side of the poster board is 84.1 cm x 118.9 cm (45 inches x 91 inches). 

A poster prepared in portrait format and in ISO A0 size (height 119 cm and width 84 cm or height 45.8 inches and 33.1 inches wide) would fit, but the bottom part of the poster would overhang the fabric area of the board.

To fit within the fabric area available for each poster, the size of each poster should be no larger than 114.3 x 114.3 cm ( 45 x 45 inches).

Please note that this is the maximum space available. As long as it fits within the allocated area, posters can be a different shape and smaller than the maximum size.


Materials will be available to attach your poster to the poster board.

Each poster must have a title and author list which should be same as that on the Abstract and in the Proceedings.

It is recommended that a recent photo of the presenting author should be placed on the top left hand corner of the poster to help delegates locate authors. 

Your story should proceed logically, with headings indicating sections: Introduction, Objective(s), Materials and Methods, Results, Discussion and/or Conclusions, although other ways to provide clear ‘take home messages’, such as Questions as headers, can also be used.

Use photos or flow charts to help your audience better visualise the materials and methods used. Graphs should have titles, the axes should be named, and units should be quantified. Tables should also be titled.

Text on the posters should be large enough to be readable from a distance of 3 m.

Have colleagues or peers review your poster and make suggestions. Ask questions before you produce the final copy of your poster. Proofread your poster before making the final copy!

 At the Congress

Please look for the poster board number as noted in the final programme to locate your poster board. Each poster board will have a number, which corresponds to the number in the programme. Material for fastening posters will be provided.

Posters should remain up for the duration of the conference and viewing will take place at coffee breaks between spoken sessions and at lunch time throughout the meeting. Authors should stand by their posters during the assigned poster sessions, details of which can be found in the final programme.