Conference excursions will take place during the afternoon and evening of Wednesday August 1st .

The conference sessions will finish at 13.00h and a box lunch will be provided.

Excursions must be booked separately and in advance with Prince Edward Tours (booking will be available in early 2018)

Coaches will leave for the excursions at 14.00 h from the bus stop located outside of the W.A. Murphy Student Centre near the University Avenue entrance to the UPEI campus and will return at about 20.00 h.

There will be a limited number of discounted excursion tickets (50 CAD off the full price) on all tours for students 

Excursion Options 

  • Dairy farm
  • North Shore and National Park
  • Sea Kayaking in Rustico Bay
  • Island Drive and Anne of Green Gables
  • Travel directly to lobster supper/vegan stir fry 

All tours will conclude with a lobster supper/vegan stir fry in the evening 

World Famous Fisherman’s Wharf Lobster Supper






  • Located in the scenic fishing village of North Rustico
  • A lobster supper is a must when visiting PEI
  • PEI is famous for seafood and potatoes
  • Options will also be available for vegans, vegetarians and non-seafood consumers



all you can eat

60ft Salad Bar, including, fresh vegetables, mixed pasta salads, potato salads, homemade hummus and Tabbouleh, bean salads and fresh fruit

PEI Blue Mussels

Seafood Chowder

Main course: options

Seafood Meat


1lb Lobster served with hot melted butter and lemon Whole breaded Atlantic Scallops served with in-house tartar sauce and choice of PEI Baked Potato or Fries ¼ Rotisserie Style Chicken served with choice of PEI Baked Potato or Fries Maple Garlic Ginger Vegan Stir-fry

Garlic, ginger, soya sauce and maple syrup sauce with seasonal vegetables served over a bed of white rice. (Ingredients in sauce: cloves garlic, fresh ginger, Maple syrup, soy sauce, water, rice wine vinegar, canola oil)

Dessert Dessert bar
Drinks Coffee and tea